Using Design to Increase Office Productivity

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The objective of any office space is to promote efficiency, output, and—if it’s a good company—both individual and shared success among its employees. There are a lot of different ways you can boost morale and increase output among your workers.

You might be surprised to learn that a few of the tools you have in your arsenal are actually some of the major design elements within your space! An office renovation is a fun and effective way to reinvigorate productivity in your company. However, if a complete remodel simply isn’t feasible, there are still a few fundamental aspects of your work environment you can start with to add some life to your business!

Make your layout efficient.

Confining your employees to soul-crushing, isolated cubicles is going to cut off the flow of inspiration in your office before it even gets off the ground. Be strategic with your floor plan, arranging each area in a way that creates positive energy. Make it feel open but organized. Designate specific work spaces based on a shared goal to facilitate teamwork and creativity.

Give each member of your staff enough personal space to make them feel comfortable and encourage them to customize it in a way that inspires them!

Prioritize good lighting.

Lighting is actually one of the most important features of a room in terms of effecting productivity! Poor lighting causes headaches, eye strain, irritability, and fatigue. Think about it logically—dark spaces are depressing! You’re far more likely to work efficiently and put in maximum effort in a warm, bright atmosphere.

Your best bet for making your office bright and welcoming is to optimize the natural light coming in. Natural light improves mood and focus, two factors that are crucial to a productive workspace. If your location doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight, opt for luminous but indirect artificial lighting.

Choose the right paint color.

Color produces a physical and psychological response that we’re often not even aware of. A simple hue sets the entire tone of the room and can determine how well we function within it!

Research shows that white is the worst color to use in an office when it comes to effectiveness, as it creates a sterile environment that stifles creativity and kills motivation. Choose your office color based on what qualities are most important to your business. For example, green has been linked to creativity, blue to productivity, and red to attention to detail!

At A&E Brothers, our goal is to work with you to create a workspace that allows you and your employees to not only make the most out of your time at work, but to enjoy it too. Give us a call to learn more about how we can facilitate positive change in your office!