How an Open Concept Breathes Life into Your Home

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If you are thinking about New York kitchen remodeling in 2019, an open concept can breathe fresh life into your home’s look. Here are several ideas to consider with an open concept kitchen. Any of these ideas can update your home’s appearance with wide open spaces.

Kitchen Along One Wall

For an open concept kitchen, you can place all the cabinetry and appliances along one wall. Use an island to house your sink and cooktop while increasing storage space. By placing stools around your island, your friends and family can enjoy each other’s company up close.

Your dining area can be located right next to the open kitchen, which makes everything feel convenient. Place windows along the dining area to enhance the kitchen and dining areas with natural light. Your entire space will feel open and welcoming.

Two Islands

When you use two islands, you keep the space open and flowing. Place one island in the center of the kitchen with your sink or cooktop. The other island can be located perpendicular to this island while allowing a walking space between the islands. This second island can have a seating area and additional storage space.

Two islands will help break up the kitchen without the need for walls. They serve different purposes while keeping the kitchen open. This is a good solution if you want to expand your space without adding walls.

Similar Woodwork

By repeating the same woodwork in the flooring, cabinets, and trim in your kitchen and other living areas, you create a cohesive look. The woodwork can tie your kitchen seamlessly to other areas, making them look bigger. This is a trick of the eye that helps spaces feel “open.”

Modern Open Concept

If you want a modern feel to your open concept kitchen, try sleek cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling. Your island can feature a marble or granite countertop and chairs with clean metal lines. Natural light from windows complements a modern open concept kitchen.


You can use decorative columns to subtly separate the kitchen from other rooms without a solid wall. Place a column along a half wall with cabinets on either side of the entrance to your kitchen. Columns give a dignified feel to an open concept home.

Small Kitchen Renovation

If your existing kitchen is small, you may want to knock down the walls of adjoining rooms to expand the space. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen or like to entertain, this could be the best option for you. Check with the experts to know if your space qualifies for this type of New York kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen Design

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