5 New Bathroom Designs for 2019

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Planning for New York bathroom remodeling in 2019? Create a stylish, updated bathroom with help from the professionals at A&E Brothers. Here are five new bathroom designs to consider as you move forward with your plans.

Big Impact in Small Spaces

You can make a strong statement in a small bathroom. The trends for 2019 include large scale wallpaper with high contrast in colors and values. Consider a punchy floral or a vintage motif on bright wallpaper to make the space feel bigger.

Another popular trend in a small space is going all-black. A black bathroom is bold, mysterious and indulgent, reminiscent of a spa. Complement with black towels and tiny accents of white, and you’ll have a gorgeous new bathroom design.

A Neutral Palette

Neutrals continue to be popular, especially in the bathroom. They emphasize a clean feeling. Use whites, greys, and browns on the walls, tiles, and floors to create a soothing feel. Create interest by mixing textures. For example, you can combine a smooth white wall with variegated marble tiles and a natural wood floor.

Focus on Hardware

In a clean-lined modern bathroom, the fixtures can take center stage. In your shower, consider exposed plumbing. It looks great against ceramic tile or marble. Gunmetal grey and pewter finishes are rising in stardom. They will complement a neutral palette.

Light Marble Features

White marble and grey marble are being installed in many New York bathrooms. Some people choose it for their showers and bathtubs; others take it floor to ceiling. Light marble gives a classic feeling that will stay on trend for years. It also holds good resale value if you are planning to sell.

Contemporary Concrete

Concrete is becoming more popular for counters, walls, floors, and showers. It enhances a contemporary look when mixed with wood, glass, and metal. Concrete is an affordable and unique option for your 2019 bathroom remodel.

New York Bathroom Remodeling

There are several important matters to keep in mind as you proceed with bathroom remodeling. The experts at A&E Brothers can help you stay on track as you plan for a new, beautiful bathroom. This list can serve as a reminder as the project moves forward.

Have a Flexible Budget

We will work hard to stay within the budget you set. However, if you change your mind during the project, your decisions can bump up the costs. We could also run into hidden infrastructure problems that need repair before proceeding. Plan on 15% more than your planned budget to allow for changes and unforeseen issues.

Be Efficient

The right fixtures will save on water use. Ask us about the types of toilets, faucets, and showerheads that can cut down water use without sacrificing quality. These fixtures can also save you money in the long term.

Keep It Ventilated

Many people overlook the need for ventilation in a bathroom remodel. It’s important to protect your bathroom from mold and mildew growth with proper ventilation. Ask us about a ventilation upgrade that will keep your new bathroom looking beautiful for years.

Ready to start on your bathroom remodeling project? Call A&E Brothers at (347) 916-1799 or email us at aandebrothersltd@gmail.com. We will provide an estimate for the bathroom that you dream about.