Create a Comfortable Work Environment with Commercial Renovation

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Every boss wants their employees to love coming to work. Business owners and managers spend so much time focused on how to improve and maintain company morale. More and more employees state that an office environment weighs heavily on their decision about where to work. Office layout and design is an important way to create a comfortable work environment for employees and customers. A&E Brothers has been working with business owners on Queens commercial renovation for years, helping to design modern workspaces that promote productivity and creativity.

Open and Brighten Up

One of the simplest ways to make an office more inviting is by opening and brightening up space. Modern workspaces have left closed off cubicles and narrow hallways in the past. Employees don’t want to spend all day surrounded by grey and white colored walls anymore. An easy first step to a commercial renovation is to break down cubicles and change the color scheme. Choose warm, inviting colors that will help employees and customers feel at home and comfortable to make decisions. Many Queens commercial renovations¬†involve open workspaces with brightened colors because it increases employee communication and productivity.¬†

Shared working spaces and desks can improve team interaction because employees are working near each other. Go for large tables that can accommodate several people because it will allow entire teams to be together. Collaborative workspaces cut down on reliance on email communications and shorten response time. Real magic can happen when employees share ideas and brainstorm real-time. Some companies have even abandoned assigned seating all together to create new connections among employees across different teams. 

Break-outs Help All Day Productivity

Spending all day in the same spot gets old, that’s why coffee breaks can become so frequent. Many times, employees just feel like they need to stretch their legs and get a change of scenery for a bit. A poorly designed workplace can drag on productivity.

The best thing a company can do is create changes of scenery in the office. An inviting coffee lounge or a brainstorming room for meetings is a great place to start. Creating variety in an office environment will help employees avoid that mid-afternoon drowsiness. Breakout rooms can feature different wall art or furniture to set them apart from other areas of the office. Employees won’t feel like they need to leave for a breather because they can clear their minds with just a walk around the office.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

A well-designed workspace outfitted with quality furnishings gives an impression of success and competence. A good workplace aesthetic attracts clients and high-performing employees. Most business owners and managers understand that choosing quality furnishings upfront has a lasting impact on company morale and customer loyalty. Good furnishings made with quality materials also last longer. A&E Brothers has worked with many businesses on Queens commercial renovation to help advise them on furnishings, colors, and layout.

The right workspace design can make employees comfortable because they feel at home. An office should be a place where employees are free to express themselves. Employees who feel comfortable where they work are more inclined to test their limits. If you’re ready to create a comfortable and productive environment for your employees, contact A&E Brothers today.