Brighten Up Your Windowless Bathroom with These 3 Tips

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Did you know that, on average, humans spend over a year in the bathroom over the course of their lifetime? It might sound hard to believe, but when you think about all of the cumulative hours you spend in there getting ready, showering, and making regular bathroom trips, the numbers add up quickly!

A room you spend so much time in should feel cheerful and comforting. But for those of us with those small, windowless apartment bathrooms or downstairs half-baths, that can prove a challenge. If you’re one of those unlucky homeowners with a bathroom painfully lacking in natural light, here are a few tricks you can try to brighten up your space!

1) Paint with light neutrals.

Color is a powerful tool in interior design. A good way to brighten up a room is to make it feel bigger and more dimensional. Light neutral shades in a small windowless bathroom will do just the trick.

Paint your bathroom a breezy neutral color like light grey, beige, or even a pale blue. This will give it more depth than a stark white, and you can accessorize with pops of fun color to add a little personality.

2) Rely on reflection.

When your light is limited, you need to make the most out of what you do have. Reflective surfaces and accessories will help the existing light in your bathroom bounce throughout the space and have an illuminating effect.

Choose the biggest vanity mirror that works to harness as much light as possible in your dark bathroom. You can decorate with other reflective surfaces as well, for an added boost. Think metallic fixtures or frames, glass or crystal décor, and glossy tiles to really round it out.

3) Liven up your space with plants.

What can be brighter than a little extra life? Flowers and greenery are incredibly effective at making a room feel refreshing and creating a lively ambiance.

For a dark bathroom, be sure to choose species that do well in low light, high humidity, and warm temperatures. Succulents, orchids, air plants, or colorful faux bouquets are all ideal options.

If you’re stuck with a windowless bathroom you just can’t seem to brighten up, give A&E Brothers NY a call. Our interior remodeling services include both major and minor bathroom renovations, designed and executed based on what you envision for your space.

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