How to Choose the Right Contractor for Your Home Remodel

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Remodeling your home is an extensive, intricate process that requires skill, dedication, and an expert eye. The contractor who helms the project will be your guide, artist, and number one resource for bringing your renovation dreams to life.

With so many home remodeling companies and experienced contractors out there, it can be difficult to determine who’s going to be the best fit for your needs and desires. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best person for the job!

Ask for recommendations.

A top-quality contractor is going to have a good reputation. Start your search by asking people you know and trust for recommendations. If your network of homeowners is limited, expand to online resources. Use social media to ask for suggestions or check out online databases from the city or state.

Check portfolios and references.

After you’ve narrowed down your options, dive deeper with your research to learn more about the candidates. Start by comparing portfolios of past projects to get an idea of who is most compatible with your vision and style. Look for online reviews as well to see what other people have to say about their experience with each contractor. Or better yet, ask for references so you can speak to past clients directly with specific questions.

Meet with potential contractors in person.

Good communication between you and your contractor is crucial to the success of your remodel. Set up face-to-face interviews with your contenders to discuss your vision and how they plan to bring it to life. You should feel comfortable asking questions—don’t be afraid to get into details like budget or schedule. A good contractor will be able to answer satisfactorily and keep the focus on your ideas, rather than their own.

At A&E Brothers NY, our contractors are committed to working with each client step-by-step to make their home vision come alive.

First, we take the time to fully understand the needs, budget, and ideas you have for your home remodel. Then, we use our years of experience, skilled craftsmanship, and the latest technology to transform your space according to that criteria.

Get in contact with our team today to further discuss your project and get started with a free estimate!