Should I Renovate or Replace My Staircase?

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To renovate or replace; that always seems to be the question when it comes to updating your space. Simple tweaks can often pack a powerful punch, but sometimes there’s nothing about your project area worth saving and it’s best to start from scratch.

So, when it comes to the almighty staircase, how should you decide which way to go? The staircase is one of the most dramatic features of your home, often dictating the look of the entire surrounding space, so it’s important to get it right.

The answer? Well, it depends.

Is your staircase structurally sound?

Small changes can have a big impact on how your staircase looks. If you’re just looking for a refreshing change or to enhance the aesthetic, there’s no need for a full replacement. As long as your staircase is safe to use, replacing and reworking its different components can probably achieve the effect you’re looking for.

Do you have safety concerns about your staircase?

On the other hand, when your staircase is damaged beyond repair, and poses a risk to those who use it, replacing it is your safest and most cost-efficient option. If it’s already in bad shape, the cost of remodeling will run pretty high anyway, so you might as well go all in.

Are you making other renovations?

If the only part of your space getting a facelift is the staircase itself, renovating is probably the smarter choice. Renovations will be much less disruptive, take less time, and cost less money. When your staircase already works well with the overall flow of the existing space, replacing it probably doesn’t make economical or practical sense.

Is the surrounding space getting a remodel?

Like we said, your staircase needs to work in harmony with the rest of your space. If you are completely or significantly changing the layout or interior design scheme in the area around your staircase, a simple renovation just won’t cut it. Replacing it altogether is the most effective way to ensure your space remains cohesive, in terms of both style and function.

The team at A&E Brothers NY can tackle any of your residential or commercial renovation needs, no matter the scale. Whether you want to update your staircase, replace it entirely, or rip apart and rebuild the entire area, we have the resources, vision, and expertise to make it happen.

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