Tile vs. Hardwood Flooring: Which One Is Right for Your Space?

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Flooring is a foundational aspect of your home interior, both literally and visually. It helps set the aesthetic and tone of each room, and contributes to the functionality as well.

While there is a wide selection of flooring materials available to choose from, tile and hardwood are two of the most popular and classic options. Let’s take a look at how they compare, so you can better judge which one is right for the space you need and envision.

Tile vs. Hardwood Cost

The cost of your exact flooring materials will depend on which variations you get, but generally tile is less expensive than hardwood. There are cheaper woods, if you still want to squeeze hardwood floors into your budget, but you may be compromising on quality. Also, keep in mind that hardwood floors tend to have a higher ROI come resale time.

Tile vs. Hardwood Durability

When it comes to durability, tile definitely comes out on top. Tile is very hard to crack and can last decades without much wear and tear. Wood, on the other hand, is more likely to show scratches and damage. Tile is also moisture-resistant, making it suitable for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, while wood will warp with moisture exposure. Although it is important to note that hardwood is easy to sand and refinish over the years to remove damage, whereas damaged tile would need to be replaced completely.

Tile vs. Hardwood Maintenance

Both tile and hardwood floors are fairly low maintenance, but still require some level of care. You will have to sweep and mop tile regularly, as well as clean the grout in between. It’s a good idea to polish them every few years too. Hardwood similarly can be maintained with regular sweeping and vacuuming, but you should avoid mopping and certain cleaning products, as they can potentially cause moisture damage. You may also need to sand/re-stain/refinish wood floors every couple of years.

Tile vs. Hardwood Look & Feel

Tile and hardwood are both very versatile in style. Hardwood flooring is available in various stains and wood types, all of which radiate warm, natural beauty. Tile also comes in many colors and patterns, and can imitate the look of other materials such as stone or even wood. In terms of feel, hardwood is warmer and more slip-resistant. Tile, on the other hand, does not absorb heat, making it cold underfoot, and can also be slippery.

Whether you decide tile or hardwood is the right type of flooring for your home, A&E Brothers can set you up with gorgeous materials and expert installation! Our interior home remodelers will help you refine the vision you have for your space and bring it to life according to your needs and budget.

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