These Are the Qualities Employees Are Looking for in a Modern Office Space

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Gone are the days when most workers were content with coming into the office, spending their day in a tiny cubicle, and heading home at 5pm just to do it all again tomorrow. As society and technology evolve, so do the ways that people prefer to work and are able to do so productively.

An integral aspect of meeting the needs and demands of the modern workforce is providing a modern space in which they can feel excited about doing their job. Consider integrating some of these qualities into your office that employees have come to expect from a positive work environment.

Collaborative Spaces

Areas where employees can connect and share ideas have become crucial to office productivity and employee satisfaction. Spaces where workers can have open discussions and do work together promote creativity, communication, and inclusiveness. This can be easily achieved with an open office floorplan or by interspersing collaborative areas—small meeting spaces, conference rooms, common seating areas—between individual workspaces.


People today want to work for companies who care about the planet and other people on it. Incorporating measures that demonstrate your commitment to the environment will make employees feel good about being part of your team and make you stand out to new potential employees. A few ideas for practicing stainability in the office include recycling, paperless systems, energy-efficient appliances, and smart lighting and utilities.

Recreational Areas

Balance between work and personal time is a high priority to the modern workforce. This benefits employers too though. When employees can take and enjoy breaks, they return to work more motivated and alert. Recreational areas also encourage socialization and team bonding. An office kitchen, communal eating area, game room (ping pong, foosball, darts, etc.), and a childcare area are all popular recreational office spaces.

Motivating Design

Dull and dreary offices make employees dread coming to work day after day. People want to work, and work best, in a space that makes them feel inspired. Colors that infuse energy and improve mood, for example, should be chosen for walls, furniture, and other elements of office design. Soft touches, such as plants, cozy furniture, interesting artwork, and motivational décor, will also help make your office an inviting place where people want to be productive.

When your company is based in NYC, it’s especially important that you have an innovative, modern office space to attract and retain employees. If you’re not sure where to start, A&E Brothers can help you out. With our commercial office remodeling services, we’ll optimize layout, design, and technology to create a workspace that fosters inspiration, satisfaction, and productivity.

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