6 Summer Home Renovation Ideas in New York City

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Update Your Home with These On-Trend Home Remodeling Ideas

Summer is the best time to renovate a home in New York City. In fact, it’s the only time you’re allowed to renovate in certain condos and apartment buildings. According to the New York Times, there are buildings where homeowner associations or building managers require all home renovation work to be completed between July 1 and Sept. 1. Here are 6 ideas for up-to-date home upgrades you might wish to work on this summer:


1. Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation

If your building is drafty, a New York City winter is not the ideal time to take care of the problem. Tearing out a wall or removing old insulation during the cold winter months would leave you shivering and miserable. This is definitely a project you’ll want to tackle in the summertime.


2. Install New Wallpaper

Wallpaper is once again fashionable, according to numerous sources including Trulia, Decorators Wisdom and HGTV. If your home could use an additional layer of pattern, texture or color, consider finding a suitable wallpaper design to install this summer.


3. Re-Paint Any Dingy or Drab Looking Walls

If wallpaper isn’t the home renovation project you had in mind, re-painting is a fantastic alternative.

repaint your bad looking walls

Some of the trendiest colors at the moment include black, white, gold, cobalt blue, teal, emerald green, and greige. Although gray has been the neutral everyone gravitated towards for the past decade, color experts have begun to advise homeowners that the charcoal gray trend of the recent past is in decline and should now be avoided.


4. Re-Surface Your Fixtures

If you have minor damage or staining in your sinks, bathtubs or vanities, they can probably be re-surfaced to look bright and new again. Re-surfacing can also be an excellent option for ridding your living space of outdated colors.

Resurfacing is a godsend for New Yorkers, as it can be a real challenge to successfully navigate all the bureaucratic hurdles necessary for replacing plumbing in this city. If you have functioning fixtures that just need a little touching up, you’ll come out much further ahead financially by resurfacing them rather than replacing them.


5. Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Have you discovered that you are not enjoying your espresso brown hardwood flooring as much as you thought you would because it’s a nuisance to keep it looking pristine? Maybe you have red oak flooring that looks too orange next to your furnishings. Or maybe your wood floors are the perfect color, but the finish is getting so worn out that it is no longer doing its protective duty in your home. In any of those situations, refinishing the floors this summer could be beneficial.


6. Transform Two Apartments into One

According to the Brick Underground website, combining apartments is one of the top NYC renovation trends at the moment. If you’ve been unable to find a place with enough bedrooms to house your family, this could be a workable option — provided you are prepared to pay double HOA fees or other relevant expenses to maintain both units.

If your NYC abode could use some updating, any of these 6 remodeling ideas could make it look fresh and current. Summer is the ideal time to complete any of these on-trend home renovations.