6 Most Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Remodeling a bathroom can bring life and vibrance into your bathroom. It can also greatly increase the value of your home. Making the decision to remodel your space can be a great idea. Be careful, however, there are some common bathroom remodeling traps that many consumers fall into. Avoid these top 6-bathroom remodeling mistakes to ensure that your new bathroom is done right:

1) Know your space!

It is incredibly important to be precise and accurate when looking at the spatial layout of your areas. Simply eye-balling or assuming that a new appliance will fit into your bathroom is a recipe for disaster. It’s important to draw a plan of your bathroom and to make sure appliances aren’t too close together and will be able to fit into your doorway. Every element of the bathroom should be carefully calculated; for instance- make sure that the toilet paper roll is in arms reach of the toilet.

2) Choose the right materials

The flooring of your bathroom can be crucial. For example, a wood floor is gorgeous and may be desirable, but will not react well with water. Any water can cause the wood to morph. For this reason, a vinyl floor with a wood appearance may be more desirable. It is also important to make sure your flooring and other materials are cohesive in terms of a color scheme.

3) Plan for storage space

Storage is a crucial part of any bathroom. It is important to store towels, beauty supplies, extra toilet paper, etc. Factor in storage space while making your plans. Making space for an extra cabinet can make a world of difference when redesigning your space at home in general.

4) Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important parts of any room, but especially a bathroom because it is essential for most bathroom practices. For this reason, lighting should be one of the first things selected. Do not put off lighting until the end, make a lighting plan factoring in natural light and lighting needs. Choose your lighting wisely and craft the rest of your bathroom around it.

modern bathroom lighting


5) Have a plan!

This may seem obvious but make a plan! Write down your needs for the bathroom. Is this a guest bathroom, with minimal needs? Or is it a master bathroom, that needs to be fully stocked and furnished? By having an interior design plan, you will be able to ensure that all of your needs are met and you will get the most out of your bathroom remodeling.

6) Hire a professional

Do not skimp on a cheaper price; make sure you hire an absolute professional. Look up certified companies and skim their reviews to make sure they are a quality company. Word of mouth can make all the difference- ask your friends and neighbors and see who has good advice and recommendations for an awesome bathroom remodeling to make your decorating dreams come true.

Follow these 6 tips and you will have the dream bathroom without falling into any of the potential bathroom remodeling mistakes!