How to Style an Elegant Mantel

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No other architectural element brings a sense of class and luxury to a space quite like a fireplace. It makes your home feel warm, refined, and provides plenty of opportunity to enhance your interior design.

Try incorporating some of these design trends and strategies as you style the mantel above your fireplace to ensure you’re making the most of this stunning feature!

Create a focal point.

Keep your mantel looking polished and uncluttered with one bold, sophisticated centerpiece to give it definition. A large piece of art is a great way to add some height and culture to the room. Or, opt for a large mirror to open up the rest of your space!

Get creative with color.

Elegance doesn’t have to be boring. Make your fireplace pop and liven up your space with fun, interesting colors atop your mantel!

Use décor with colors that contrast with those of your fireplace, the mantel itself, or the scheme of the room as a whole. You could also make your mantel feel modern with metallic gold or silver accessories—vases, candle sticks, picture frames. Or, just stick with a classic black and white to complement any existing interior palette.

Go minimalist.

Sometimes, with a fireplace that’s already extravagant, the best way to show it off is to let it speak for itself. Leave the mantel over the fireplace bare and place objects to the left and right (or install a few wall shelves if your mantel doesn’t extend that far). Simple and limited mantel décor can be very effective in accentuating the grandeur of the fireplace itself.

The key to achieving a truly elegant mantel is to have your fireplace designed and installed by a professional. At A&E Brothers LTD, we combine old world craftsmanship and modern technology to bring your home renovation dreams to life.

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