Dining Room Décor Tips to Help You Prep for Thanksgiving

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When you’re the holiday host in your friend or family group, part of your job involves playing interior designer for a bit. For Thanksgiving, your designer task is to pull together a dining room that creates the perfect atmosphere for copious amounts of eating, interesting conversation, and embodying the spirit of the holiday. While many celebrations will be of a smaller scale this year, that doesn’t mean you should skip this welcoming and festive dining environment and settle for a regular every day dinner.

Check out these easy designer tricks that pack a powerful punch when it comes to setting the mood in your Thanksgiving dining room!

Mix up your colors.

Browns, yellows, oranges, and reds are staple hues of Thanksgiving décor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with other colors too! Throwing in a fun and unexpected accent color can create a new and interesting atmosphere for guests. Try using a bright primary color, like turquoise or green, to liven up the typically subdued Thanksgiving palette.

Choose your centerpiece carefully.

A centerpiece for the dining table is a great way to take your Thanksgiving tablescape to the next level. Keep in mind though that while you want something that will aesthetically enhance your table setup, you don’t want it to disrupt the meal. If you’re using florals, for example, opt for blooms that are unscented. Flowers with potent fragrance can interfere with the aromas of your food and make for an unpleasant effect.

You should also keep your centerpiece low and slim to leave enough room for food, plate passing, and the easy flow of conversation. Short cut flowers and candles, herbs, seasonal veggies (gourds, pumpkins), and earthy elements like branches and pinecones will help you achieve the look you want without blocking anybody’s view of each other or, more importantly, access to the food.

Use lighting to set the mood.

Dining room lighting should be ambient, but functional, both for Thanksgiving dinner and in general. Your best bet is to have a few different sources of light that you can switch between or use different combinations of to set the right mood. Overhead or chandelier lighting, for example, would be more practical during dinner itself. During dessert or for drinks, switching to candles or softer table lighting creates the ideal casual atmosphere.

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