Top 6 Interior Design Tips For Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms are considered to be one of the most important parts of residential properties due to how frequently they’re used by residents each day. It’s essential that the space is updated and looks contemporary to make it enjoyable to spend time in throughout the week. When you want to create a beautiful environment, there are a few interior design tips to follow for small bathrooms.

1. Float the Vanity

Mounting a vanity above the floor will not only increase the amount of space that is available in the room but will also look visually appealing. Floating the vanity next to a toilet or shower will also allow it to become one of the main focal points in the bathroom. Rounding the vanity can also prevent the edges from becoming a hazard when you’re in proximity to the countertop.

2. Add a Large-Scale Pattern

Consider adding wallpaper that has a large-scale pattern to the walls of the bathroom, which can create the illusion of a more spacious room. Consider finding a print that includes oversized florals or horizontal stripes to make the space appear bigger and less cramped.

3. Add Woven Baskets

According to, oversized woven bins are one of the best ways to incorporate beautiful interior design for small bathroom because they’ll conceal clutter that can accumulate. Place the baskets under the sink to create a sleek detail that solves the problem of having a lack of storage space. You can add towels, washcloths, and toiletries to the bins to prevent them from sitting out on shelves or the countertops.

4. Use Your Windows

It’s important to use as much space as possible when redesigning your small bathroom, making it necessary to make use of the windows that are present. Consider adding a mirror and vanity in front of a window to free up extra space in the room. Adding a mirror to the window will also increase the level of privacy that is available.

5. Create Simple Walls

Simple walls that feature a neutral color shade will open up the bathroom but can still look chic when paired with busy floors. Adding extra detail to the floors while allowing the walls to remain simple will prevent the bathroom from appearing busy and overly dramatic.

6. Install a Washstand with Towel Bars

When you want to increase the interior design for small bathroom, consider installing a washstand with towel bars. The vintage style of the feature will look unique and high-end while also providing an extra space to hang hand towels or wet towels to dry each day. The washstand will increase the functionality of the room and can prevent you from hanging additional bars on other walls when you’re limited on space.

Redesigning and remodeling your bathroom will allow you to increase your home’s value and have a place that you enjoy getting ready each day. With the right styles incorporated, you’ll feel proud to show the room off to your guests.