10 Innovative Office Design Ideas And Trends

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The way people work today is continuing to evolve, as new communication technologies emerge and new ways of delivering work also changes and transform. Changes in the way we work also has an impact on the way people use their workspaces, and how they communicate during the work day. Add to all of this the entry of a new generation into the workforce, and we have the needs of several generations of workers all sharing space at once.

So let’s take a look at ten of the innovative office design ideas we’re seeing that are adding extra interest to modern offices today.

  1. Modular Spaces and Furniture.

    Today there is a need for more flexibility in the work areas people use. In a nod to this, many interior designers are creating more modular pieces for offices, with tables, chairs, desks and other furnishings having more flexibility, so they can be reassembled to accommodate changes in an area or in the number of workers in a space.

  2. More Natural Textures.

    Natural textures, like rustic wood furniture and woven materials, are making a real comeback in office design, as the sterile modernity of the tech revolution has become too cold for many.

  3. Lounge Spaces.

    With many people working longer hours, yet also working with more versatility due to smartphones and tablets, there’s been a need for open lounge areas in office design, to give employees a respite from the enclosures of a desk or office space.

  4. Bring Nature Back.

    Nature is very, very in again inside offices, as the coolness of the tech world has many workers longing for more live plants, indoor waterfalls and views of leafy, outdoor spaces.

  5. Tone Down Tech.

    Workers want fewer wires in their offices today, so designers are developing clever ways to hide wires and keep them out of sight.

  6. Themed Areas.

    Playful creative offices are going all the way into major decorative themes in office spaces, with themed rooms like a “jungle” style boardroom, conference rooms that look like the London Underground Subway, and bathrooms styled after Buckingham Palace making a splash.

  7. Color-Coded Spaces.

    Open floor plans in offices are leading some companies to use color themes in different areas, like blue tones for tech and purple with accents for creative zones.

  8. Shared Work Tables.

    We’re seeing long tables used for workers as a way for employees to collaborate and brainstorm ideas more easily, as in the style of shared tables in some cafes in urban centers.

  9. Integration of Use.

    Some designers are now designing interiors that reflect the mission of the company, like warm, rustic, spaces for companies that deal with organic foods and farms.

  10. Varying Textures.

    Mixing and matching interior details, like antique furniture combined with brightly upholstered couches and bright plastic chairs, can really add interest if done with care.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our innovative office design ideas, and find some key inspirations here for your office space. Reach out to us today for commercial office remodeling and renovation. Check out this article if you are looking for great tips on renovating your home.