How a Black Bathroom Brings Elegance to Your Home

Are you considering a New York bathroom renovation with an elegant flair? The professionals at A&E Brothers can help you design an on-trend black bathroom. This is what you need to consider as you plan for an all-black design.

How a Black Bathroom Adds Elegance

An all-black bathroom is classic and timeless. It can feel intimate, as if you are entering a cave. Yes, black is known for making spaces feel smaller. But it also adds drama and intrigue with a side of elegance to your New York home.

Black makes a consistent fashion statement. You can use black sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs for high elegance. However, if you want to change it up, you can always add classic white to the mix. You can add in single pops of color, like magenta or red, to draw the eye to a certain focal point.

Black bathrooms look more inviting with natural light. You can break up the black with white countertops and silver fixtures. Green plants also breathe life and warmth into an all-black bathroom.

Get creative with black-on-black textures in wallpaper and tiles. You can choose a range of dark shades, like charcoal-colored granite against jet-black cabinets. Black bathrooms have lasting value and style, and a remodel is sure to bring elegance into your home.

Create a Budget

When you decide to install a black bathroom, it’s essential to begin with your budget. Pick the elements that you are sure you want to be black. Then build your budget around them. It’s wise to leave a 15 to 20 percent overrun in case unexpected expenses occur.

Pick Your Aesthetic

Are you interested in a clean, modern look? Or do you prefer a bit of romance inspired by Paris? How much black do you really want? You’ll need to decide on your overall aesthetic before you move forward with an all-black bathroom.

Make Practical Choices

Though a black bathroom is elegant, it needs to stand up to everyday use. Choose durable surfaces that make for easy cleanup. You’ll be happier in the end if you find practical elements that will pass the test of time.


Lighting is an important aspect of a black bathroom. It’s best to consult with a professional to know which type of lighting will enhance your room rather than detract from its elegance. A professional bathroom remodeling company can help you choose lighting that will fit your budget and add to your bathroom’s beauty.


You can go with black fixtures, but you may want to contrast the black with silver-finish fixtures. Choose fixtures that fit the aesthetic you want. These small touches can truly enhance the elegance of your black bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling with the Pros

Before you take on a black bathroom remodeling project on your own, give the pros at A&E Brothers a call. You can reach us at (347) 916-1799 or email us at We are New York City’s trusted contractor for elegant bathroom remodels, and we look forward to working with you on a new black bathroom.