Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

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With the warmer months quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your next home remodeling project. A kitchen remodel is a practical and often necessary challenge to tackle if you have an outdated or dysfunctional space. If this is your first home renovation job you want to avoid making costly errors.

Here are a few kitchen remodeling mistakes to avoid so you can create a functional and beautiful space for yourself.

Cramping a Small Space

Keep your space in mind every step of the way to ensure the best remodel possible. Don’t overwhelm a small area, as there are plenty of options available for various sizes and layouts. For example, if you do not have a lot of room to work with, a small kitchen peninsula would be a better option than an island.

Insufficient Electrical Outlets

A high-functioning kitchen space requires a lot of electrical appliances. Whether it be a toaster, microwave, or blender, you need to make sure you have adequate and properly placed electrical outlets. There are ways to hide additional outlets within an island, backsplash, or in a drawer when you need another nearby socket available.

Overlooking Ventilation and Backsplash

Installing proper ventilation is crucial in your kitchen remodel. An inexpensive oven may come with a hood that re-circulates air, but it doesn’t truly clean it. It’s better to invest in a ventilation system to help pull the odors out of the air, vent smoke and heat out of your space.

The oven tends to create a lot of mess and odor, which is why your kitchen remodel should include plans for making it simpler to clean the air and surfaces. A backsplash is an element that makes it easier to clean up spatters of oil, grease, and other foods around the stovetop. It’s much more effortless to clean a backsplash than wallpaper or a regular wall.

There are many signs that your kitchen needs a remodel, and A&E Brothers is here to assist you! We believe that the kitchen is the heart of your home, and this space should look amazing and be practical in its design. Our company offers professional kitchen remodeling services that will exceed your expectations.

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